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Editorial writing & services

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Editorial writing & services


Who notices if your copy is badly written? Your readers. Your customers. Your competitors.

You only get one chance to make a good impression.

Printing a brochure or going live with a website or sending a report or sale’s letter with writing that seems raw, unfinished, amateurish can negatively impact your image.

We will make your work shine by correcting spelling and grammatical errors, ensuring formatting is consistent and restructuring sentences to improve clarity.

Some publications we’ve edited: Time Out Beirut | Hospitality News Middle East | Taste & Flavors | Lebanon Traveler | Adam Levant | Gardens & Nature | Le Journal

Some books we’ve proofread: Orchid Cocktails | Pure Nostalgia | Armenian Cuisine cookbook, and more.

Others: Librairie du Liban Education Publishers | United Nations | PR & advertising agencies